We make each dive a wonderful experience

Welcome to DEEP CORAL, a place where we make each dive a wonderful experience. DEEP CORAL was born from the passion of two young divers and entrepeneurs, who decided to join their ideas and knowledge to educate and share with every customer. We practice responsible and recreational diving making nature our priority.

DEEP CORAL practice safe, responsible and fun dive, based on the highest standards of safety and quality set by PADI (Professional Asociation of Diving Instructors). Our main goal is not more diving center but a place where each of our customer is a friend, that is why DEEP CORAL characterizes by offering a 100% personalized service given by their owners.

By principles, safety and comfort, we do not handle large groups, if you come with family, friends or alone we are enterely dedicated to you and yours. In each of our services we provide the opportunity to explore the wonderful underwater world, making this an unforgettable experience.

DEEP CORAL seeks to show their customers the confidence they place in us diving is rewarded with the integrity, safety and the legality we teach in each of our courses.

Nuestro Equipo Scuba Diving Colombia

Catalina Aponte Bohórquez

Catalina Aponte

Born in Bogotá, 30 years ago, she has devoted most of her life to loving and understanding the sea. Graduated Biologist from Los Andes University. 15 years experience as a diver and 10 as an instructor. In her traveles, Catalina had the privilidge of teaching and learning from others across multiple locations of the underwater environments wordlwide. She has visited St Maarten and Bahamas islands, Tobago, Indonesia, Panama, St Thomas, Anguila, Amalif Coast (Italy), Riviera Maya (Mexico) and most of Colombia’s oceans and coastlines.

The practice of scuba diving is her life and she dedicates herself to every student and group with the same passion. Her specialties include: Being an EFR Instructor (Emergency First Response CPR and First Aids), Digital Underwater photographer Specialty Instructor, Night Diver Specialty Instructor, Wreck Diver Deep Diver Specialty Instructor, Fish Identification Specialty Instructor. Aware, Cavern and Intro to Cave Diver. PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer # 199168.

Sebastián Hernández Gaviria


Colombian entrepreneur 31 years old, lived most of his life in Costa Rica and developed a profound care for nature and specially sea life. His journey as a business manager represented a lot of challenges when confronting his interest in environmental care; most of his projects reflect this combined passion for creating sustainable projects. After meeting Catalina who accompanied in the process he became a rescue PADI diver and is currently training to become a Dive Master.

He is our host and is available for all your inquiries. His job is to ensure the welfare of all customers and he does so with a warmth smile and patience, making your underwater experience especially comfortable.