Discover Scuba Diving
This course has a theorical and a practical session.
We iniciate the course with an instructive and safety video. Complemented with a theoric chat about the…
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Rescue and first Aid
This is definitely the most rewarding course as it teaches you to assist anyone in any danger. This course consists of two certifications…
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Open Water Padi

Open Water PADI
Aproving this course makes you a worldwide certified diver. In 3 days time you will dive 5 diferent times (1 in calmed waters and 4 in open water)…
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Dive Master
If you want to make a living out of diving, this course is the first step. From this point you can start escalating as a professional diver and show others what you have learned…
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Advanced PADI
Ideal for those who want to continue their adventure in the world of diving. Take the experience to the next level and dive to more diverse and extreme places…
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